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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SEC Charges French Doctor with Tipping Results of Clinical Trials to Hedge Fund Manager

The SEC charged that Yves M. Benhamou, M.D., a French medical doctor and researcher, tipped a hedge fund manager with confidential information about a clinical trial that he was involved in.  According to the SEC, Benhamou breached his duty of confidentiality to Human Genome Science, Inc. (HGSI) when he illegally tipped non-public negative details about a clinical trial for the drug Albumin Interferon Alfa 2-a (Albuferon) ahead of a public announcement by the company.

A Wall St. Journal article identifies FrontPoint Partners, a $7 billion hedge-fund firm owned by Morgan Stanley, as the firm for which the hedge fund manager worked.   WSJ, FrontPoint Figures in Insider-Trading Case.

The SEC's complaint alleges that Benhamou was a member of the Steering Committee overseeing HGSI's clinical trial of Albuferon, a potential drug to treat Hepatitis C. Benhamou learned about two serious adverse events, including one death, occurring during the third phase of the trial. HGSI consequently decided to reduce the dosage for the patients in that arm of the trial and publicly announce the changes.  While serving on the Steering Committee, Benhamou provided consulting services to the portfolio manager with whom he had developed a friendship over the years. The portfolio manager, based on the confidential information provided by Benhamou, ordered the sale of the entire position of HGSI stock held by six health care-related hedge funds that he co-managed (approximately 6 million shares). These sales occurred during the six-week period prior to HGSI's public announcement on Jan. 23, 2008, that it was reducing the dosage in one arm of the trial. Two million shares were sold in a block trade just before the markets closed on January 22. HGSI's share price dropped 44 percent by the end of the day on January 23. As a result of the sales, the hedge funds avoided losses of at least $30 million.

In a parallel criminal proceeding, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York today announced a criminal action against Benhamou.

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