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Saturday, July 17, 2010

AIG Plans Stock Offering to Pay Ohio Funds Settlement

How is AIG going to pay the $725 million settlement with the Ohio pension funds?  According to AIG's 8-K Report:

Under the terms of the Settlement, if consummated, AIG will pay an aggregate of $725 million, $175 million of which is to be paid into escrow within ten days of preliminary court approval. AIG’s obligation to fund the remainder of the settlement amount is conditioned on its having consummated one or more common stock offerings raising net proceeds of at least $550 million prior to final court approval (“Qualified Offering”). AIG has agreed to use best efforts, consistent with the fiduciary duties of AIG’s management and Board of Directors, to effect a Qualified Offering, but the decision as to whether market conditions or pending or contemplated corporate transactions make it commercially reasonable to proceed with such an offering will be within AIG’s unilateral discretion. In the event that AIG effects a registered secondary offering of common stock on behalf of the U.S. Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”) resulting in Treasury receiving proceeds of at least $550 million, then market access will be deemed to have been demonstrated and AIG shall be deemed to have consummated a Qualified Offering. AIG, in its sole discretion, also may fund the $550 million from other sources. If AIG does not fund the $550 million before final court approval of the Settlement, the plaintiffs may terminate the agreement, elect to acquire freely transferable shares of AIG common stock with a market value of $550 million provided AIG is able to obtain all necessary approvals, or extend the period for AIG to complete a Qualified Offering.

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