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Saturday, September 5, 2009

SEC's Inspector General Releases Entire Report on its Madoff Investigation

The SEC's Office of inspector General posted on its website the entire 477-page report of its investigation into why the SEC never uncovered the Madoff ponzi scheme despite numerous red flags and warnings over the years.  From the introuction:

The Report of Investigation (ROI) includes the following sections: (a) the 1992 investigation of Avellino & Bienes and the related examination of Madoff (Section I); (b) the circumstances surrounding the 2000 and 2001 complaints presented to the SEC by Harry Markopolos (Markopolos) (Section II); (c) the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) Washington, D.C. examination of Madoff triggered by a May 2003 complaint from a Hedge Fund Manager (Section III); (d) the Northeast Regional Office (NERO) examination of Madoff that arose out of an internal complaint found in April 2004 during a routine examination of an SEC registrant (Section IV); (e) the Enforcement investigation of Madoff based upon Markopolos’ 2005 complaint (Section V); (f) a discussion of whether there was any improper influence by senior-level officials at the SEC upon the examinations and investigations of Madoff and the effect that Madoff’s stature had on the SEC’s conduct of its examinations and investigations of Madoff (Section VI); (g) an analysis of the allegation that former OCIE Assistant Director Eric Swanson’s relationship with Shana Madoff impacted the SEC’s examinations of Madoff (Section VII); (h) a summary of the due diligence efforts undertaken by private parties who determined that Madoff was not a wise investment and a comparison with the methods utilized by the SEC in its examinations and investigations(Section VIII); (i) the extent of reliance by potential investors with Madoff on the fact that the SEC conducted examinations and investigations of Madoff in making investment decisions; (Section IX); (j) a summary of all the additional complaints that the SEC received regarding Madoff, or any of his firms or related entities (Section X); and (k) a description of all the additional examinations that the SEC conducted of Madoff or his firms (Section XI).

The OIG also intends to issue separate audit reports that analyze the findings of this ROI and make concrete and specific recommendations to both the Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations (OCIE) and the Division of Enforcement for improvements in their operations based upon the findings in this ROI. We also intend to issue a third audit report analyzing why Madoff was not subjected to an OCIE Investment Adviser (IA) examination after he was forced to register as an investment adviser in 2007.

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