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Friday, February 20, 2009

SEC's Statement on Robert Allen Stanford

The SEC today made the following statement regarding its enforcement action against Robert Allen Stanford:

"At the request of the SEC, Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Richmond Division today located and identified Stanford Financial Group chairman Allen Stanford in the Fredericksburg, Va., area. The agents served Mr. Stanford with court orders and documents related to the SEC's civil filing against him and three of his companies. The SEC very much appreciates the outstanding assistance of the FBI in this matter."

The SEC on February 17 charged Robert Allen Stanford and three of his companies, alleging a fraudulent, multi-billion dollar investment scheme. Stanford's companies include Antiguan-based Stanford International Bank (SIB), Houston-based broker-dealer and investment adviser Stanford Group Company (SGC), and investment adviser Stanford Capital Management. The SEC also charged SIB chief financial officer James Davis and Stanford Financial Group chief investment officer Laura Pendergest-Holt in the enforcement action.

The orders and documents that the FBI served on Stanford were the SEC's complaint, the memorandum of law filed with the complaint, the court order freezing assets, and the court order appointing a receiver.  These documents are posted on the SEC website.

The Honorable Reed O'Connor, U.S. District Court Judge for the Northern District of Texas, granted the SEC's request for emergency relief for investors, and issued the orders freezing assets and appointing a receiver over R. Allen Stanford and other defendants.

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Allen Stanford's school of serial swindlers use name dropping, stamped passports, falsified tax returns, and donations to St. Jude's to gain trust and power over private companies with aspirations to go public. According to SEC files, Sydney Trip Camper botched a deal with the Ahkoy family's Datec and was fired from Elandia Inc. by Allen Stanford. With help from his new partner in crime, Sydney Camper went on to his next victim in Los Angeles and ruined this private company by forming a shell holding company, opening secret bank accounts, and using all THEIR assets to get OTHER people to loan HIM money = PONZI SCHEME!!!! In true Stanford form, Sydney Camper moved on to InZon and Ed Berkhof is orchestrating a new scam with FMC Telecom. Frank Cassidy, owner of FMC Telecom, is either his new fellow fraudster or Mr. Cassidy has fallen victim to Ed Berkhof's new Ponzi scheme. The Ahkoy family is now suing Elandia in the Pacific and Florida courts. The FBI and SEC are investigating Allen Stanford, James M. Davis and their den of thieves including Sidney D. Trip Camper III and Ed Berkhof.

Posted by: sirgeraldbirkin | Aug 8, 2009 10:29:10 PM

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