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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SEC Announces Panelists for Mark-to-Market Accounting Roundtable

The SEC announced the expected panelists for its November 21 roundtable concerning mark-to-market accounting.  The roundtable will have one panel discussion focused on the usefulness of mark-to-market accounting to investors:

The sufficiency of information and the ability to improve the reliability regarding the valuation of assets recognized at fair value that do not currently trade in an active market
Challenges encountered and best practice used by preparers of financial statements related to estimating fair value during the current market conditions
Whether there are aspects of the current fair value measurement accounting standards that are not sufficiently clear, and if so, what are the areas that could be improved and how
Whether there needs to be more education related to fair value measurements
Challenges that auditors have faced and best practice employed in providing assurance regarding fair value accounting
Ways to increase transparency and consistency in the application of impairment models for investments not held for trading purposes

Scheduled panelists include:

James Gilleran, former Director, Office of Thrift Supervision
Jay Hanson, McGladrey & Pullen, LLP
Richard Jones, Dechert LLP
Wayne Landsman, University of North Carolina
David Larsen, Duff and Phelps LLC
Dane Mott, JP Morgan Chase
Donald Nicolaisen, former Chief Accountant of the SEC
Samuel Ranzilla, KPMG LLP
David Runkle, Trilogy Global Advisors
Kevin Spataro, The Allstate Corporation
Mark Thresher, Nationwide Financial
Bob Traficanti, Citigroup

In addition, the following individuals are scheduled to participate in the panel discussion as observers:

Daniel Goelzer, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Charles Holm, Federal Reserve Board
Kristen Jaconi, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Thomas Jones, International Accounting Standards Board
Thomas Linsmeier, Financial Accounting Standards Board

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