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Saturday, September 13, 2008

SEC Sponsors Cybersecurities Fraud Symposium

The SEC announces a Cybersecurities Fraud Conference, co-sponsored by the Litigation Section of the ABA, on Sept. 23 in Washington D.C.  Here is the description:

What is the "state of the union" in the world of Internet securities regulation? Where do we stand? What are the prevailing trends and where are the next big threats coming from? Once, not so long ago, online trading seemed like something out of science fiction. Now, it is a firmly-established way of doing business, and online account security is a cornerstone of every brokerage's compliance practice. The hacker, once an anomaly like something from a cyberpunk novel, is now as omnipresent an actor on the scene as the old bucket-shop phone salesman.
In 2008, volatility is the norm and triple-digit swings in the Dow are the rule, not the exception. So how can the Internet be used for good or ill in this environment? Stealing data, funneling money across borders in the blink of an eye, and working a manipulation with stolen identities are just a few of the tools available to today’s financial criminals. What can be done? How much should be done? And how do we let investors know the signs that they are being used as pawns in schemes?
Explore these themes with us at the 2008 CyberSecurities Fraud Symposium, where we will examine these and other questions with staff from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other key law enforcement and regulatory agencies. All of the day's panels feature time for questions and answers, and it is sure to be a thought-provoking, challenging and, maybe even a little bit contentious program.

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