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Monday, March 31, 2008

Reactions to Paulson Blueprint

Some early reactions to Secretary Paulson's Blueprint:

From the SEC: "Recent events have provided further evidence, if more were needed, that financial services regulation in the United States needs to be better integrated among fewer agencies, with clearer lines of responsibility. Just as systemic risk cannot be neatly parceled along outdated regulatory lines, the overarching objective of investor protection can't be fully achieved if it fails to encompass derivatives, insurance, and new instruments that straddle today's regulatory divides. The proposed consolidation of responsibility for investor protection and the regulation of financial products deserves serious consideration as a way to better address the realities of today's markets."

From NASAA: "The Treasury Department’s blueprint is designed to boost Wall Street’s competitiveness, not Main Street investor protection. ...  NASAA’s position was, and continues to be, unambiguous: the existing regulatory system, as it pertains to the securities markets, needs no fundamental restructuring. The focus of state securities regulators is clear and singular: investor protection must remain the centerpiece of the securities regulatory system."

From SIFMA: "Treasury has delivered a thoughtful and sweeping plan which should provoke intense discussion, debate and potential legislative changes.  Our present regulatory framework was born of Depression era events and is not well suited for today's environment where billions of dollars race across the globe with the click of a mouse. That fact, teamed with the current market conditions, result in an universal agreement that it is time to modernize and revitalize the current system." 

From FINRA: "Today's increasingly complex financial services landscape and fragmented regulatory environment has made it nearly impossible for the average investor to navigate the marketplace and fully understand the risks they may be exposed to and the protections they are entitled to.  Investors shouldn't be left exposed and confused. Retail investors should get the same basic regulatory safeguards and protections no matter which investment product they choose.

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