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Thursday, February 14, 2008

FINRA Charges Broker with Misappropriating Funds From Elderly Client

FINRA announced it has charged registered representative John Edward Mullins, of Margate, NJ, with misappropriating almost $400,000 from a 97-year-old nursing home resident who was a Mullins' client for more than 20 years, as well as from her charitable foundation. The customer has recently passed away. Broker Kathleen Maria Mullins, John Mullins' wife, was also charged with wrongdoing.

In its complaint, FINRA alleges that shortly after the customer's husband died in December 1999, the customer established a charitable foundation to receive and administer funds for the benefit of charities devoted to the promotion of musical arts in Philadelphia and the New Jersey Shore. From its creation, the Mullins both served as trustees and officers of the foundation. When the customer initially entered a nursing home in 2000, the Mullins were provided power of attorney over the customer's assets, including the ability to conduct banking transactions and withdraw funds.

FINRA further alleges that from about April 2006 through July 2006 - when the customer became ill and was hospitalized - Mr. Mullins misappropriated almost $400,000 from his longstanding client. With the elderly customer's health deteriorating, he took advantage of her condition by using her checking account and debit cards to pay for his and his wife's personal expenses, including paying down $375,000 in their joint mortgage credit-line account.  In addition to the customer's personal assets, the complaint charges, funds were also misappropriated from the charitable foundation account, set up by the customer at the brokerage firm that employed the Mullins'.

Under FINRA rules, a firm or individual named in a complaint can file a response and request a hearing before a FINRA disciplinary panel. Possible remedies include a fine, censure, suspension, or bar from the securities industry, disgorgement of gains associated with the violations, and payment of restitution. The issuance of a disciplinary complaint represents the initiation of a formal proceeding by FINRA in which findings as to the allegations in the complaint have not been made and does not represent a decision as to any of the allegations contained in the complaint.

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