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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Former Qwest CEO Appeals Insider-Trading Conviction

Joseph Nacchio, former Qwest CEO, filed his appeal brief before the 10th Circuit, seeking to overturn his conviction on insider-trading charges.  The brief argues that Nacchio did not know at the time he sold his stock that the company's projections of future earnings were wrong.  It also argues that Nacchio was not permitted to introduce classified evidence as part of his defense that he knew the company had entered lucrative defense contracts.  WSJ, Nacchio Appeal Argues Qwest Woes Unforeseeable.

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Anyone who feels Joe Nacchio was justly convicted should take the time to read the appellate brief prepared by Maureen Mahoney of Latham and Watkins.

It is very obvious that this is a wrongful conviction based on emotion and not on the law or the facts.

Focus on the law and the facts. This conviction should absolutely be overturned.


Posted by: Matthew | Oct 10, 2007 9:51:06 AM

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