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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Corporate Law Center Database on Commercial Courts/Dockets

In 2007 Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer of the Ohio Supreme Court announced that he had appointed a Task Force on Commercial Dockets to develop a pilot project to assess the best method of establishing commercial civil litigation dockets in Ohio’s common pleas courts.  The UC Corporate Law Center volunteered its assistance to Task Force and, to that end, has compiled information on other states’ efforts to create specialized business or commercial courts.  The information is posted on the CLC website in two forms: (1) a spreadsheet and (2) summaries detailing information on each state’s use of specialized business/commercial courts.

The Corporate Law Center hopes that this information will be a useful resource for everyone who is interested in the development of business/commercial courts throughout the nation, including policy makers, academics, attorneys and users of the judicial system.  We plan to update it regularly and welcome the submission of additional information.  Please send questions, comments, corrections and other information directly to me at

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