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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Profile of J. Christopher Flowers

The New York Times profiles J. Christopher Flowers, whose private equity firm is buying the biggest percent of Sallie Mae in the $25 billion LBO.  Flowers, previously at Goldman Sachs before starting J.C. Flowers & Co., has specialized in investing in distressed financial services firms.  Flowers' firm will own 49.2% in Sallie Mae, the two banks take 24.9% each, and the other private equity firm buys 1%.  See NYTimes, Builder of Sallie Mae Deal Has a Daring History

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My biggest question is how Chris went anywhere without his power house thinker John Mahoney and his powerful frontman Micheal Rubinoff. Bith off whose lives he destroyed. In the case of Mahoney - shredded his family, in the case of Rubinoff - left him mind numb by leapfrogging him over hard working long timers who were left behind or abandonned in the IPO. Pete Peterson should sit him down and have a talk about shame.

Posted by: Mary Walsh Mahoney | Jun 29, 2008 7:10:51 AM

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