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Monday, March 12, 2007

NASAA Announces Conference on Investor Protection

In a week where two pro-business groups hold conferences on the competitive challenges facing the US capital markets (the Paulson Group's Capital Markets Conference Tuesday and the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday), another country is heard from.  The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) announced that it will hold a conference on March 22 to examine how strong investor protections and shareholder rights enable U.S. capital markets to maintain their competitive advantages in an era of increasing international market competitiveness.

“Investor confidence is the cornerstone of the success of our capital markets. A key component of investor confidence is a regulatory framework that provides strong investor protection,” said NASAA President and Alabama Securities Commission Director Joseph P. Borg.  “Some on Wall Street and in Washington are calling for weakening this framework in an attempt to do away with laws and regulations that require accountability and punish wrongdoing. With record profits on Wall Street and the echoes of Enron still reverberating, rolling back a system of regulation that has vigorously protected U.S. investors for decades could have profound and costly consequences if it went too far.”

The Symposium will feature a panel of legal, regulatory, academic, and industry experts who will respond to recent suggestions that U.S. capital markets are losing their competitive edge because of burdensome regulations and regulators who are aggressively protecting investors – those same investors who are at the core of our market strength.  See NASAA to Host Symposium Focusing on Investor Protection in an Era of Increasing Capital Market Competition.

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