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September 28, 2006

Scientists for Informed Science Policy

A group of scientists and engineers has begun a new organization dedicated to supporting politicians who are committed to using good scientific research in forming public policy.  The group is Scientists and Engineers for America, and their website can be found here.   They outline their initial goals on their newly created Blog.   On their main webpage, they state as follows:

Today a group of scientists and concerned citizens launch a new organization, Scientists and Engineers for America, dedicated to electing public officials who respect evidence and understand the importance of using scientific and engineering advice in making public policy.
The principal role of the science and technology community is to advance human understanding.  But there are times when this is not enough.  Scientists and engineers have a right, indeed an obligation, to enter the political debate when the nation’s leaders systematically ignore scientific evidence and analysis, put ideological interests ahead of scientific truths, suppress valid scientific evidence and harass and threaten scientists for speaking honestly about their research.
We ask every American who values scientific integrity in decision-making to join us in endorsing a basic Bill of Rights for Scientists and Engineers.  Together we will elect new leadership beginning in 2006, and we will continue to work to elect reasonable leadership in federal, state and local elections for years to come.

It certainly sounds like a worthy cause.  The New York Times article describing the founders and their goals can be found here.
--- DLF

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