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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Proposed Rules Would Drop Contraception Training Rule for Family Practice Doctors

NPR: Family Doctors Consider Dropping Birth Control Training Rule, by Julie Rovner:

One of the more popular provisions of the federal health law requires that women be given much freer access to prescription methods of birth control. That includes not only the pill, but implants and IUDs as well.

But what happens if there are not enough doctors to prescribe those contraceptives?

That's exactly what worries some reproductive health advocates, as efforts are underway to rewrite rules governing the training of the nation's family doctors. . . .


Listen to the story here.

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Interesting side of guys on committee who wants to nix the contraception training requirement is from MUSC, which you guys might remember was the hospital defendant (medical university of south carolina) in the Ferguson v. City of Charleston case. That was the one where CRR -- originally through Lynn Paltrow -- challenged the hospital's policy to conduct urine drug searches on pregnant women who met "certain criteria" -- guess who -- and arrest them if they tested positive for cocaine. They paid big in reputation and $$$ but still up to no good.

Posted by: Cilla Smith | Apr 26, 2013 3:12:30 PM

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