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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Telemedicine Embraced as "Incredible Opportunity," Except When Abortions Are Involved

Bloomberg: `Webcam Abortion’ Laws Would Ban Practice Where It Doesn’t Exist, by Esmé E. Deprez:

Almost five years ago, Amy Hagstrom Miller, the founder of Whole Woman’s Health LLC, became one of the first U.S. abortion providers to use video technology allowing doctors to prescribe drugs to end unwanted pregnancies.

Doctors at Miller’s clinic in Austin, Texas, could consult and prescribe the pills to women in McAllen, about 300 miles (483 kilometers) away on the Mexican border, via phone and videoconference. The so-called telemedicine eliminated drive time for physicians and doubled to 24 the number of days per month the service was offered. . . .

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