Friday, February 10, 2017

ULC Request on Installment Land Contracts

Thomas Mitchell (Texas A&M) sent in a request on behalf of the Uniform Law Commission that some of you followers of #PropertyLawProfBlog might be able to help with.  

The Uniform Law Commission has a study committee that is examining potential reforms to property law regulating “installment land contracts.” So far the committee has developed a list of questions to survey practitioners in each state who are familiar with this area of the law. Based on the results of that survey, the committee will make a recommendation as to whether a uniform law is desirable and feasible. The committee’s next task is to identify potential survey recipients in each state.  This is where we, a bunch of property law professors, come in. 

Benjamin Orzeske, Chief Counsel for the ULC, would like to find out if there are any law professors who have done research in this area and who would be willing to take the survey or who would be willing to provide him with contact information of people in their state who might be qualified to take the survey (and who would be willing to do so).  Additionally, Ben's happy to try to accommodate anyone who would be interested in serving on the committee as an observer. Note, the term "observer" is not a very good descriptive term as observers can, if they wish, participate in almost any way that an official member of the committee can participate (with a few exceptions).

If you have any interest in serving as an observer for the study committee, taking the survey, or identifying possible survey respondents, please contact Ben by e-mail at or by telephone at (312) 450-6621.

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