Monday, February 13, 2017

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Property Tax Bill

In Washington state, Valentine's Day is the traditional day for hearts, Cupids, over-priced romantic dinners, and property tax bills.  Yep, you read that correctly:  apparently in Washington state, Valentine's Day is the day that property tax bills get mailed out.  If that Hallmark card you received from your sweetheart didn't get you into a romantic mood, fear not, a big ole property tax bill is sure to do the trick!  

Due to software upgrades in a few counties, though, the tax bills this year won't be mailed out until February 17 or February 24.  That's good news for our lovebird friends out west.  But it does make me wonder, who thought that Valentine's Day, of all days, was the best day to drop a tax bill in the mail?  

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from #PropertyLawProfBlog!

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