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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property articles on SSRN over the last 60 days.


1.  [189 downloads]  An Overview of the Fannie and Freddie Conservatorship Litigation
      David J. Reiss (Brooklyn)

2.  [93 downloads]  Foreclosure and the Failures of Formality, or Subprime Mortgage Conundrums and How to Fix Them
      Joseph William Singer (Harvard)

3.  [84 downloads]  Property's Structural Pluralism: On Autonomy, the Rule of Law, and the Role of Blackstonian Ownership
      Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv)

4.  [83 downloads]  Regulating Land Grabs: Third Party States, Social Activism and International Law
      Lea Brilmayer (Yale) & William J. Moon (Yale)

5.  [80 downloads]  Property Claims Between Cuba and The United States. A Literature Review
      Jesus V. Bu (Independent)

6.  [71 downloads]  The Utopian Promise of Private Law
      Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv)

7.  [66 downloads]  Planting Houses in Shenzhen: A Real Estate Market Without Legal Titles
      Shitong Qiao (Yale)

8.  [64 downloads]  The Comparative Method in Property Law
      Bram Akkermans (Maastricht)

9.  [64 downloads]  Perpetual Conservation Easements in the 21st Century: What Have We Learned and Where Should We Go from Here?
      Nancy A. McLaughlin (Utah)

10.  [59 downloads]  Illegal Contract or Contract For Appearance Sake
      Eyal Zamir (Hebrew U.) & Michael Cohen (Hebrew U.)

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