Monday, February 3, 2014

Top SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of th beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property article over the last 60 days on SSRN:

1.  [162 downloads]  An Economic Theory of Fiduciary Law
Robert H. Sitkoff (Harvard)
Harvard Law School

2.  [131 downloads]  Does the Endangered Species Act Preempt State Water Law?
Robin Kundis Craig (Utah)

3.  [94 downloads]  The Law and Economics Approach to Property
Daniel H. Cole (Indiana)

4.  [90 downloads] Property in the Bible
Geoffrey P. Miller (NYU)

5.  [72 downloads]  Glaski v Bank of America: Mortgagor’s Defense Based on Lender’s Failure to Properly Securitize a Loan
Roger Bernhardt (Golden Gate)

6.  [65 downloads]  Zombie Mortgages, Real Estate, and the Fallout for the Survivors
David P. Weber (Creighton)

7.  [62 downloads] Tribal Renewable Energy Development Under the Hearth Act: An Independently Rational, But Collectively Deficient Option
Elizabeth Ann Kronk Warner (Kansas)

8.  [57 downloads]  Optimal Suburban Densities: History and Theory
William A. Fischel (Dartmouth – Econ)

9.  [56 downloads] Community Knowledge and Its Collapse: History of an Early American Property Regime
Maureen E. Brady (Yale – Ph.D. candidate)

10.  [54 downloads]  The Rebirth of the Neighborhood
J. Peter Byrne (Georgetown)

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