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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Top SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month here are the most downloaded property papers on SSRN over the last sixty days:


1.  [597 downloads] The Paper Chase: Securitization, Foreclosure, and the Uncertainty of Mortgage Title
      Adam J. Levitin (Georgetown)

2.  [346 downloads]  Trying Times: Important Lessons to Be Learned from Recent Federal Tax Cases
      Nancy A. McLaughlin (Utah) & Stephen J. Small (Independent)

3.  [280 downloads]  Basic Gift and Estate Tax Treatment of Joint Tenancies
      Bridget J. Crawford (Pace) & Michael Epstein (Independent)

4.  [96 downloads]  Ownership and Obligations: The Human Flourishing Theory of Property
      Gregory S. Alexander (Cornell)

5.  [95 downloads]  Contract and Property Law: Distinct, but not Separate
      Sjef van Erp (Maastricht)

6.  [72 downloads]  On Property Theory
      David Ellerman (Riverside – Philosophy)

7.  [64 downloads]  REMIC Tax Enforcement as Financial-Market Regulator
     Bradley T. Borden (Brooklyn) & David J. Reiss (Brooklyn)

8.  [63 downloads]  Koontz in the Mansion and the Gatehouse
      Steven J. Eagle (George Mason)

9.  [59 downloads]  The Phantom of the Foreclosure Crisis: Cancellation of Indebtedness Taxation
      Dustin A. Zacks (Independent)

10. [59 downloads]  Exactions Creep
      Lee Anne Fennell (Chicago) & Eduardo M. Penalver (Chicago)

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