Monday, December 16, 2013

Illegal Hasidic Yeshiva Violates Zoning Code, Creates Mystery


When the news writes your land use exam for you:

The big house set back in the woods at the end of Cliff Court has been a source of mystery and irritation for neighbors on the quiet cul de sac in recent months. Vehicles come and go at all hours, and several times, whole groups of them have sped up the driveway with emergency lights flashing. Once, the Hasidic boys who study at a makeshift school inside the house spilled out into the neighborhood in pursuit of a bear. [...]

What's going on at 21 Cliff Court? At the moment, it's clear that a school is operating there, although neither the owner of the house nor the men running the school will discuss it. The Town of Monroe building inspector concluded as much on Aug. 3, when he counted four boys outside and spied 11 black hats inside by peering through a garage window. [...]

It's unclear what town approvals, aside from building permits, were needed to create a school in the house, which the town classifies as a single-family home with an accessory apartment and taxes accordingly. Property-tax bills totaled nearly $29,000 last year. Neighbors say the house — one of eight on the block — initially was used to board some of the Eastern European women who clean homes in neighboring Kiryas Joel.

(HT: Ashira Ostrow)

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