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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor on the beginning of the month here are the most downloaded property articles on SSRN over the last sixty days:


1.  [396 downloads]  Uneasy Intersections: The Right to Foreclose and the UCC
     Elizabeth Renuart (Albany)

2.  [171 downloads]  Two Steps Forward for the 'Poor Relation' of Constitutional Law: Koontz, Arkansas Game & Fish, and the Future of the Takings Clause
     Ilya Somin (George Mason)

3.  [117 downloads]  Koontz: The Very Worst Takings Decision Ever?
     John D. Echeverria (Vermont)

4.  [108 downloads]  The Institution of Private Ownership: Introductory Essays
     Bradley C. Karkkainen (Illinois) & Eric T. Freyfogle (Minnesota)

5.  [107 downloads]  Freedom of Contract and the Endangered Right to Transfer
     Andrea J. Boyack (Washburn)

6.  [78 downloads]  Complexity in Property
     Meredith Render (Alabama)

7.  [68 downloads]  Endogenous Property Rights
     Konstantin Sonin, Daniel Diermeier & Georgy Egorov,

8.  [66 downloads]  On the Use and Abuse of Overflight Column Doctrine
     Eric R. Claeys (George Mason)

9.  [64 downloads]  State Foreclosure Laws and Mortgage Origination in the Subprime Market
     Quinn Curtis (UVa)

10.  [61 downloads]  Coase Minus the Coase Theorem - Some Problems with Chicago Transaction Cost Analysis
     Pierre Schlag (Colorado)

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