Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property papers on SSRN over the last 60 days:


1.  [215 downloads]  The Buck Stops Here: Toxic Titles and Title Insurance
     Molly Rose Goodman (Suffolk)

2.  [163 downloads]  Show Me the Note!
     Bradley T. Borden (Brooklyn), David J. Reiss (Brooklyn), William KeAupuni Akina (Brooklyn)

3.  [117 downloads]  Charitable Contributions of Property: A Broken System Reimagined
     Roger Colinvaux (Columbus)

4.  [103 downloads]  First Commentary on the New Act December 2012 on Inherintancy Indignity, New Rules for Substitution, Matrimonial Advantages and Gifts
     Alain Laurent Verbeke (Leuven)

5.  [95 downloads]  Valuing Fractional Interests in Art for Estate Tax Purposes
     Wendy C. Gerzog (Baltimore)

6.  [92 downloads] An Economic Analysis of Territorial Sovereignty in International Law
     Abraham Bell (San Diego)

7.  [92 downloads] Fiscal Zoning and Economists' Views of the Property Tax
     William A. Fischel (Dartmouth – Econ)

8.  [75 downloads]  Banning Lawns
     Sarah Schindler (Maine)

9.  [67 downloads] The Public Trust Doctrine in Environmental and Natural Resources Law: Chapter 1 (Introduction)
     Michael C. Blumm (Lewis & Clark) & Mary C. Wood (Orgeon)

10.  [59 downloads] Agenda 21 Is Evil: The Agenda 21 Disinformation Campaign in the United States: An Ethical Critique of an Attack on Sustainability
       Donald A. Brown (Widener)

Steve Clowney

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