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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property articles on SSRN during the last 60 days:


1.  [100 downloads] First Commentary on the New Act December 2012 on Inherintancy Indignity, New Rules for Substitution, Matrimonial Advantages and Gifts
Alain-Laurent Verbeke (Univ. of Leuven)

2.  [96 downloads] Typization and Consequences of Real Property Investment Transactions
Roman Bevzenko (National Research University)

3.  [88 downloads]  A Primer on Groundwater Law
Joseph W. Dellapenna (Villanova)

4.  [88 downloads]  The Gentrification Trigger: Autonomy, Mobility, and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
Rachel D. Godsil (Seton Hall)

5.  [86 downloads]  Valuing Fractional Interests in Art for Estate Tax Purposes
Wendy C. Gerzog (Baltimore)

6.  [80 downloads]  Barriers to Foreclosure Prevention During the Financial Crisis
Patricia A. McCoy (UConn)

7.  [75 downloads]  Charitable Contributions of Property: A Broken System Reimagined
Roger Colinvaux (Columbus)

8.  [67 downloads]  Avoiding Insult to Injury: Extending and Expanding Cancellation of Indebtedness Income Tax Exemptions for Homeowners
Dustin A. Zacks (King, Nieves & Zacks PLLC)

9.  [65 downloads] Testing the Results of Municipal Mixed-Use Zoning Ordinances: A Novel Methodological Approach
Sue Thomas, et. al

10.  [59 downloads]  Do the Right Thing: Indirect Remedies in Private Law
Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir (Hebrew University)

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