Friday, July 5, 2013

Is It Legal to Hang Out in Your Garage?

Emily Badger has a strange story about property regulations from Detroit:

The Detroit Free Press reports this week on an odd local-ordinance dispute in the suburb of Dearborn, where several local families have taken to using their garages for something other than parking. They've moved in TVs and lawn chairs, laid down tile flooring and – this was apparently the last straw – installed sliding-glass doors where the mechanized garage entrance ought to be. These families have created a living space – something in between outdoor patio and indoor den – out of what most people treat as a home for their cars. [...]

But neighbors and the city aren't on board. According to the Free Press, they're concerned that "as people get a little too comfortable hanging out in the garage, more cars are clogging side streets." Officials also argue that garages aren't up to code as living spaces. Now the city is weighing whether to change a law that states that homeowners must be able to park their cars in their garages (these families created little ramps that allow them to drive over the sliding-glass door frames). So do you ban patio doors? Parquet floors?


Steve Clowney

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It would make sense for them to use there garage for parking. But, if they don't have a car and are not using it for storage why not make it another room. People will always be parking on the streets that don't live there. Thanks for the post, its a get debate.

Posted by: Angie - | Jul 24, 2013 12:56:49 PM

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