Friday, June 28, 2013

An Argument for Building Codes

Building codes are often criticised as overly restrictive and costly.  The New York Times, looking at India, reminds us that unregulated building does have consequences:

Mumbai has seen an alarming number of building mishaps this year, but what is more troubling is that more structures are likely to be vulnerable to collapse as old ones crumble from neglect and new ones are poorly made. [...]

Newer buildings, however, often have structural problems as developers compromise on quality in favor of speed. “The problem is that land has become so valuable that people are building on the land quickly, just to get something in place, and not with the intention of occupying it or keeping the inhabitants in mind,” said Matias Echanove, co-founder of URBZ, an urban research collective. “The acceleration of this process means that substandard apartments are quickly put up for purely speculative reasons.”

Steve Clowney

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