Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are Pocket Neighborhoods The Next Big Thing?


A pocket neighborhood is a grouping of smaller residences, often built around a common courtyard, designed to promote a heightened sense of community and neighborliness.  In the last few months, they've gotten good press on the Huffington Post, the Atlantic Citites Blog, and Yahoo.  From the Yahoo story:

Who likes pocket neighborhoods? [Architect Ross Chapin] argues that we’re all drawn, as social creatures, to community. But in the 15 years since he first developed pocket neighborhoods he’s found a few groups who really identify with the idea.

“One is the baby boomers, as they move toward retirement,” Chapin said. “We’re seeing huge numbers of people who are trying to imagine their dream home for the next part of their life. A house that’s big enough but not too big, simpler and where the key notes are quality and community.” Other groups include active single women as well as echo-boomers — the 20- and 30-somethings trying to define their idea of the dream home.

Steve Clowney


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