Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A $100,000 Security Deposit?

The brewing fight between Arianna Huffington and her landlord provides a voyeuristic look into the lives of New York's super wealthy:

The owner of a 4,400-square-foot New York City apartment is accusing former tenant Arianna Huffington of trashing the place, leaving bloodied mattresses, gouged wood floors and a very expensive scratched up dining room table. Documentary filmmaker Eric Steel says it took three months to repair all of the damage and is suing Huffington for $275,000 for the trouble. That sounds excessive. [...]

Huffington, who moved out of the apartment in January, vehemently denied the allegations in a statement. "Every single claim in this suit is false except the square footage and the address," said the online news mogul. "Eric Steel, who happily renewed the lease twice and visited the apartment multiple times, is holding onto $93,000 dollars in deposits, which he has refused to return." Huffington added that Steel was "obviously trying to extort more money from me by making ludicrous claims." Meanwhile, she's reportedly heading to her very own townhouse on the Upper East Side which she's free to trash all she wants.

Steve Clowney


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