Thursday, February 7, 2013

Living With Landlord

The N.Y. Times takes a look at the pros and cons of living in the same building as your landlord:

For some, however, the landlord is not abstract. For better (he’s always around checking up on things) or worse (he’s always around checking up on things), the landlord is the upstairs or downstairs neighbor. It’s the durable stuff of movies and sitcoms, like the 1960s series “Hey, Landlord” and the ’70s series “Three’s Company.”

Life with the landlord has its own particular complications and compensations. These range from the too-much-in-your-face and too-much-in-your-business sort, to the homeowner whose table always has an extra place. If the relationship is contentious— well, you know where the door is. But if it’s harmonious, that could translate into attractive terms when the lease comes up for renewal.

Steve Clowney

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I've lived with landlords I have liked and there were some great benefits, things got fixed faster and where better maintained. Living with a bad landlord on the other hand can be horrible, since there is no way to avoid them and you have to listen to them complain all the time. Had one lady complain about the bumper stickers on my car, said that they made people think hippies lived here. (Please note that I had a peace symbol and one that said something like why can't we all get along).

Posted by: Kristin Ward | Feb 13, 2013 11:00:55 AM

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