Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Video of the Week: The World's Best Pickpocket

In last week's New Yorker, Adam Green has a story about Apollo Robbins, who is widely considered the world's best pickpocket.

In more than a decade as a full-time entertainer, Robbins has taken (and returned) a lot of stuff, including items from well-known figures in the worlds of entertainment (Jennifer Garner, actress: engagement ring); sports (Charles Barkley, former N.B.A. star: wad of cash); and business (Ace Greenberg, former chairman of Bear Stearns: Patek Philippe watch). He is probably best known for an encounter with Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service detail in 2001. While Carter was at dinner, Robbins struck up a conversation with several of his Secret Service men. Within a few minutes, he had emptied the agents’ pockets of pretty much everything but their guns. Robbins brandished a copy of Carter’s itinerary, and when an agent snatched it back he said, “You don’t have the authorization to see that!” When the agent felt for his badge, Robbins produced it and handed it back. Then he turned to the head of the detail and handed him his watch, his badge, and the keys to the Carter motorcade.

Steve Clowney


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In addition to being a good pickpocket, the guy is really smart and well-spoken. The psychology behind it--e.g. how to invade someone's space without them feeling invaded--was more interesting than the actual pickpocketing.

Posted by: Willy | Feb 15, 2013 7:51:21 AM

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