Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Long Live the King (Or Queen)!

For anyone living in a cave, there's big news coming out of England; The Royal Family confirmed that Kate and William are expecting their first child. 

There are some property-related twists to this event.  First, a new rule has changed the traditional approach to succession.  In 2011, the heads of government of the 16 Commonwealth realms agreed to replace male preference primogeniture with gender-neutral primogeniture (also called absolute primogeniture). in which the first born child of a monarch is heir apparent regardless of gender.  Thus, Kate's first born child will be heir to the throne, regardless of its gender.

Second, Slate ran a light-hearted article today about what would happen if Kate is pregnant with twins.  Bottom line:

[I]t'll be a flat-out race down the royal birth canal. (And, yes, that's a three-word phrase I never thought I'd write, today, or any other.) Things would get really interesting, however, if Kate were to have a C-section, either out of choice or necessity. In that case, the doctor—perhaps with a bit of royal advice?—could potentially be picking the next Queen or King of England. Or more likely, the world would assume that he or she did.

Steve Clowney

(Clip: Prime Minister David Cameron announces that the 16 Commonwealth heads of government have agreed to end gender discrimination in the succession to the UK throne.)


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