Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger Marc Roark

RoarkI am delighted that Marc Roark will be joining us as a guest blogger.  Marc is a property professor and Director of the Office of Academic Achievement at Savannah Law School.  Before signing on at Savannah, Marc taught at LaVerne, earned an LLM at Duke, and practiced in both Atlanta and New Orleans.  I'm a fan of Marc's work, and look forward to his posts.  His recent Articles include:

  • The Contracts Course Survey, forthcoming in J. LEGAL ED. (Feb. 2012).
  • Disease, War, and Waste: A Consideration of External Factors on the Trade Fixtures Doctrine Between 1350-1803, forthcoming in 41 CUMBERLAND L. REV. (2012).
  • Limited Sales Warranties as an Alternative to Intellectual Property: An Empirical Analysis of the Deterrent impact on consumers of the I-Phone Warranties, DUKE L & TECH. REV. (Fall 2010).
  • Groping Along Between Things Real and Things Personal: Defining Fixtures in law and Policy in the UCC, 78 U. CINCINNATI L. REV. 1437 (2010)
  • The Real Property Interest in the UCC: Fixtures and Encumbrances, 42 UCC L. J. 197 (2010).
  • Loneliness and the Law: Solitude Action and Power in Law and Literature, 55 LOY. L. REV 45 (2009).

Steve Clowney

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