Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Homes of the Brave

Kaid Benfeld reminds us that veteran homelessness remains an significant problem in the United States; vets constitute a third of all homeless men.   Benfeld then rounds up some creative approaches to the problem that are occuring at the local level:

In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the nonprofit veterans support organization Soldier On employed solar energy in a cooperative multifamily housing project intended to serve as a new national model for transitioning veterans from homelessness to homeownership.  Veterans have an opportunity to purchase an equity share in the 39-unit Gordon H. Mansfield Village, with the value held in trust and available if they choose to move out.  Services provided include health care, substance abuse aftercare, mental health counseling, and job training and placement assistance.  Residents also participate in the policy development, management, and maintenance of the Village.

Steve Clowney


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