Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The World's Skinniest Home


The New York Times profiles the Keret House, a mere 28 inches across at its narrowest point:

What is Keret House like inside? Raucous parties are unlikely to happen there. The kitchenette is three feet wide (though that might not faze New Yorkers), with a miniature sink and a sliding door that conceals one of those cramped airplane bathrooms. The second floor, reached by a ladder, holds a bed whose dimensions do not encourage overnight guests.

The downstairs living area is the skinniest spot in the house, 35 inches wide. But a claustrophobe can take comfort that it also has the highest ceilings and “gets plenty of eastern light,” from one of two windows, Mr. Szczesny said. The architect used semitransparent plastic for the roof, rather than concrete, to bring in additional light and create a sense of space.

A helpful slideshow accompanies the story.

Steve Clowney


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