Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Largest Chunk of Undeveloped Property in L.A.


The L.A. Times has a fascinating story on the Corralitas Red Car property, which is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Los Angeles that's zoned for residential use:

The land, a nearly mile-long strip east of the lake, takes about 30 minutes to walk . . . and is only 100 feet wide in some spots. Its canopy of trees blocks the Southern California sun and serves as a sound barrier, with the hollow whir of tires on concrete replaced by chirping birds. [...]

The property was once part of a Pacific Electric streetcar line, which ran from downtown and cut through Silver Lake en route to Glendale and Burbank. Pacific Electric owned two lines, the green car line and the red car line. The red car line was decommissioned in 1955, and the Silver Lake property was returned to its private owner. Since then, at least one owner sought to subdivide the five-parcel lot for development, which is now zoned for duplexes.

More information on the history of the lot can be found here.

Steve Clowney


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