Monday, October 1, 2012

Robert Moses Lives!

A land use story?  About Kentucky?  In the NY Times?  Dreams really do come true. 

Last week, Michael Kimmelman wrote a scathing piece on Louisville's decision to enlarge it's downtown freeways.  Kimmelman points out that this decision is out of step with the prevailing wisdom of highway removal:

Adding more lanes doesn’t turn out to reduce traffic. It increases traffic. The phenomenon is called “induced demand.” The reverse is also true: fewer roads ultimately tend to produce less traffic.  As for the notion that expanding the interstate tangle and adding the sister bridge next to the Kennedy might bring more people and jobs into the city, I can only say that 40 years after the interstates supposedly started pumping life into Louisville’s downtown, the streets here looked pretty empty, especially at night. Maybe that’s an outsider’s misperception. But removing the highways, or downscaling them, might turn downtown and its adjacent neighborhoods, including the riverfront, into more attractive places.

Steve Clowney

(HT: Kent Barnett)

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