Monday, October 22, 2012

L.A. Developer Ordered to Let Hikers Use Trail on His Land

Mohamed Hadid, who has bult more than a dozen Ritz-Carlton hotels and lots of mega-mansions in Beverly Hills, bought 97 acres of property on a ridgeline outside of L.A.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Hadid did a very thorough investigation of the property before the real estate closing.  It turns out that the popular Hastain Trail, well-used by local hikers, runs arcoss a third of the property.  When Hadid tried to erect fences across the trial, grassroots groups sued and won a victory in state court.  According to one source:

In California, private land that is in continuous use by the public for five years is automatically considered a public easement if the private owner doesn’t do anything in that five year period, or if the land has a history of public use. When Hadid purchased the land in the early 2000s, the public right of way was already well-established. A similar case is being worked out with Runyon Canyon‘s infamous Pink House.

Steve Clowney

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