Thursday, October 4, 2012

America Needs More Trailer Parks


Matt Yglesias inveighs against regulations that outlaw trailer parks:

According to a report from the National Consumer Law Center, just six states—California, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada, Ohio, and Washington—require towns to allow manufactured homes in areas zoned for single-family residences. An additional nine states don’t allow a jurisdiction to completely prohibit manufactured houses from its boundaries but do allow them to be excluded from particular places. Exclusionary zoning practices are quite diverse. Alongside simple bans on the use of manufactured homes as infill in existing areas, such homes are often subjected to discriminatory treatment. That includes taxation at higher rates (as personal property rather than at lower residential rates), design rules requiring slanted roofs, and rules requiring large lots.  

This is a shame. After adjusting for land costs, manufactured houses cost about half per square foot what conventional houses cost. And manufactured houses are improving rapidly.

Steve Clowney

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