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Monday, September 3, 2012

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property articles on SSRN during the last 60 days:


1.  [245 downloads] The Trespass Fallacy in Patent Law
     Adam Mossoff (George Mason)

2.  [197 downloads] Is China's Housing Market Heading Toward a US-Style Crash?
     Gregory M. Stein (Tennessee)

3.  [165 downloads] Torts and Estates: Remedying Wrongful Interference with Inheritance
     John C. P. Goldberg (Harvard); Robert H. Sitkoff (Harvard)

4.  [122 downloads] Property's Constitution
     James Y. Stern (Virginia)

5.  [87 downloads] Suing Courts
     Frederic Bloom (Colorado) Christopher Serkin (Brooklyn)

6.  [85 downloads] The Rule of Reason in Property Law
     Joseph William Singer (Harvard)

7.  [72 downloads] Original Acquisition and Unilateralism: Kant, Hegel, and Corrective Justice
     N. W. Sage (Toronto)

8.  [67 downloads] Absolute Preferences and Relative Preferences in Property Law
     Lior Strahilevitz (Chicago)

9.  [64 downloads] Managing the Intellectual Property Sprawl
     Shubha Ghosh (Wisconsin)

10.  [58 downloads] Landscape Fairness: Removing Discrimination from the Built Environment
      Stephen Clowney (Kentucky)

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