Monday, August 20, 2012

New Casebook Announcement

Peter Gerhart, from Case Western Reserve, has put out a new first-year Property book.  It's entitled Property: Our Social Institution. According to the press release, "The book takes a functional perspective, viewing property law to serve the social function of determining who should make decisions about resource use and how those decisions ought to be coordinated with the relevant interests of others. The book presents traditional property cases and doctrines but rearranges them with a view to understanding the six functions of property law: to divide resources between private and non-private property, to assign ownership rights in private property, to police the boundary between exclusion and access, to coordinate private decisions about use, to coordinate temporal decisions about use, and to mark the boundary between individual rights and rights of the community." A detailed table of contents is available at members interested in receiving a review copy of the book may write Professor Gerhart at

Steve Clowney

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