Friday, August 3, 2012

Can the Feds Force Cities to Build Projects?

The Wall Street Journal examines the brewing fight between HUD and Galveston, Texas over 569 low-income housing units that the city refuses to build:

Four years ago, Hurricane Ike swept through this island town on the Gulf of Mexico, flooding homes, destroying property and wreaking havoc on the economy. Now, Galveston has become the center of a different type of tempest, as local officials battle the Obama administration over plans to replace 569 public-housing units ruined by the storm. [...]

[The Mayor] favors using federal rental-assistance vouchers to house low-income tenants displaced by the storm, a move U.S. officials have rejected, saying they want to increase the city's supply of low-income housing.

The one thing I wished the article had delved into is what Galveston's zoning policies look like.  If Galveston has zoned out most of its multi-family housing, then the Mayor's position looks much less reasonable. 

Steve Clowney

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