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Monday, July 2, 2012

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month here are the most downloaded property papers on SSRN over the last sixty days:


1.  [262 downloads] Coastal Land Loss and the Mitigation-Adaptation Dilemma: Between Scylla and Charybdis
     Blake Hudson (LSU)
2.  [105 downloads] Examining Lending Discrimination Practices and Foreclosure Abuses
     William K. Black (Missouri – Kansas City)
3.  [105 downloads] Property Rights and the Supreme Court in the Gilded Age
     James W. Ely (Vanderbilt)
4.  [104 downloads] Legislative Enactment of Standard Forms
     John Gradwohl (Nebraska)
5.  [88 downloads] The Public Dimension of Private Property
     Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv)
6.  [82 downloads] The Future of Abandoned Big Box Stores: Legal Solutions to the Legacies of Poor Planning Decisions
     Sarah Schindler (Maine)
7.  [81 downloads] Property and the Rule of Law
     Lisa M. Austin (Toronto)
8.  [76 downloads] The Copyright-Innovation Trade-Off: Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Intentional Infliction of Harm
     Dotan Oliar (Virginia)
9.  [71 downloads] Medieval Estate Planning: The Wills and Testamentary Trials of Sir John Fastolf
     Jonathan Rose (Arizona State)
10. [61 downloads] Globalization and its Special and Significant Impacts on Indigenous Communities
     Robert Hershey (Arizona)

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