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Monday, July 16, 2012

Def Leppard Covers Def Leppard to Solve Property Dispute


Def Leppard, a famous hair-rock band from the 1980s, has been in a protracted legal battle with Universal Records over how to split the royalties from its digital downloads.  The details are a little sketchy but it seems that Universal owns all of Def Leppard's master recordings.  The company, however, cannot put the music on iTunes without Def Leppard's permission. Instead of giving in to Universal's demands, Def Leppard has decided to take advantage of the copyright rule that grants compulsory licenses to musicians who want to record cover songs.  Def Leppard has decided to record "cover songs" of its entire back catalogue and then put these files directly on iTunes. Here's an NPR story on the fiasco:

Def leppard interview

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