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Monday, June 4, 2012

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property papers during the last 60 days on SSRN:


1.  [169 downloads] An Introduction to Property Theory
     Eduardo M. Penalver (Cornell) & Gregory S. Alexander (Cornell)

2.  [149 downloads] Modern Chinese Real Estate Law: Property Development in an Evolving Legal System (Chapter 1)
     Gregory M. Stein (Tennessee)

3.  [116 downloads] Of Backyard Chickens and Front Yard Gardens: The Conflict Between Local Governments and Locavores
     Sarah Schindler (Maine)

4.  [104 downloads] Irrevocability of Special Needs Trusts: The Tangled Web that is Woven When English Feudal Law is Imported into Modern Determinations of Medicaid Eligibility
     Mary F. Radford, (Georgia State) Clarissa Bryan (Georgia State)

5.  [93 downloads] Priceless Property
     Kirsten Matoy Carlson (Wayne State)

6.  [64 downloads] Finding Nemo Dat in the Land Title Act: A Comment on Gill v. Bucholtz
     Douglas C. Harris (British Columbia) & Karin Mickelson (British Columbia)

7.  [61 downloads] Neoliberal Land Conservation and Social Justice
     Jessica Owley, (Bufalo)

8.  [60 downloads] State Action Problems
     Christian Turner (Georgia)

9.  [59 downloads] Is the Common Law the Free Market Solution to Pollution?
     Jonathan H. Adler (Case Western)

10.  [58 downloads] The Future of Abandoned Big Box Stores: Legal Solutions to the Legacies of Poor Planning Decisions
      Sarah Schindler (Maine)

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