Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Davidson on Property and Identity

NestorDavidsonNestor Davidson (Fordham) has posted Property and Identity: Vulnerability and Insecurity in the Housing Crisis (Harvard Civ. Rights & Civ Liberties L.J.) on the web. Here's the last paragraph of the intro:

The housing crisis, in short, holds lessons about the ineluctable distortions that the intimate landscape of property can generate.  This Article focuses on three facets of that landscape.  Part I examines the role that status anxiety played in the housing boom.  Part II turns to emotional aspects of how the pendulum has swung against homeownership after the downturn. Part III reflects on what these dynamics suggest for rethinking homeowner- ship as a touchstone, and for re-examining the centrality of consumption more broadly.  The Article concludes in Part IV by arguing that the legal system and housing policy must be more cognizant of these emotional vari-  ables, even if the institutional mechanisms available to do so are relatively limited.

Steve Clowney

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