Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Owns The Boardwalk?


The LA Times reports on the growing tension between merchants and the local homeless population over control of the boardwalk in Venice Beach:

The Los Angeles Police Department enforcement efforts, begun almost two months ago, were spurred by mounting complaints . . . that aggressive, intoxicated transients and violent disputes over vendors' spaces had made the boardwalk an increasingly lawless, frightening place.

Others say the city runs the risk of taming the wild and woolly atmosphere that has made Venice a destination that attracts 16 million people a year. "I wouldn't be surprised if this area became a little Santa Monica, with corporate businesses forcing out the independents," said Kenneth Karl, 40, a homeless man who occasionally slept at the beach before the curfew enforcement. "You wouldn't want that."

Steve Clowney

(photo credit: flickr user young grasshopper)


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