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Friday, March 9, 2012

Law Students Hanging Up Your Own Shingle: Want to Make Money and Do Good?

1.  Get a list of power-of-sale foreclosures conducted in your area in the past 5 years.

2.  Examine the record for that property at your local county recording office.

3.  See whether or not the foreclosing party had the legal right to foreclose (HINT:  Chances are very good they didn't). 

4.  Contact the former owner of the property, who probably did not contest the foreclosure since she couldn't afford an attorney, and inform her that she has been unlawfully harmed.

5.  Ask her if she would like to bring suit against the foreclosing party for wrongful foreclosure and and infliction of emotional distress.

6.  Go get them.

7.  Repeat step 6.

8.  Repeat steps 1 through 7.

When the criminal law fails to deter unlawful behavior, the civil law should step in.  You can make a good living as a lawyer in a difficult economy and do good for society. 

You don't have to seek restitution of the foreclosed upon property if the client doesn't want it; damages are enough for justice.


Mark A. Edwards

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