Thursday, February 2, 2012

Recent SSRN Downloads


In honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property papers on SSRN over the last 60 days:


1.  [452 downloads] Property Title Trouble in Non-Judicial Foreclosure States: The Ibanez Time Bomb?  
     Elizabeth Renuart (Albany)

2.  [137 downloads] A Bundle Theorist Holds On to His Collection of Sticks
     Stephen R. Munzer (UCLA)

3.  [134 downloads] Lumpy Property
     Lee Anne Fennell (Chicago)

4.  [132 downloads] Wills for Everyone: Helping Individuals Opt Out of Intestacy
     Reid K. Weisbord (Rutgers Newark)

5.  [113 downloads] Pluralism and Property
     Gregory S. Alexander (Cornell)

6.  [108 downloads] Two Cheers for the Bundle-of-Sticks Metaphor, Three Cheers for Merrill and Smith
     Robert C. Ellickson (Yale)

7.  [95 downloads] Saving Locke from Marx: The Labor Theory of Value in Intellectual Property Theory
     Adam Mossoff (George Mason)

8.  [66 downloads] Notice Failure and Notice Externalities
     Peter S. Menell (Berkeley) & Michael J. Meurer (Boston U.)

9.  [60 downloads] Book Review: Edward L. Glaeser, Triumph of The City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier
     David J. Reiss (Brooklyn)

10. [50 downloads] One Strike and You're Out: Padilla Advisement About Public Housing Eligibility
      Deirdre P. Brown (D.C.)

Steve Clowney

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