Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recent SSRN Downloads

SsrnIn honor of the beginning of the month, here are the most downloaded property articles over the last 60 days:


1. [333 downloads] Excluding Expert Valuation Testimony
    Wendy C. Gerzog (Baltimore)

2. [188 downloads] Conservation Easements and the Doctrine of Merger
    Nancy A. McLaughlin (Utah)

3. [181 downloads] The Future of Perpetuity: Conservation Easement Concerns in the 21st Century
    James L. Olmsted (Conservation & Preservation Counsel)

4. [143 downloads] Analyzing Law - A Framework for Understanding Law of All Sorts and for All Purposes (Cases, Exercises and Commentary)
    Neil K. Komesar (Wisconsin)

5. [117 downloads] Failure to Articulate Clear Ethics Rules and Standards and the Local Level Continues to Haunt Local Land Use Decision Makers
    Patricia Salkin (Albany)

6. [93 downloads] Online User Account Termination and 47 U.S.C. ยง230(c)(2)
    Eric Goldman (Santa Clara)

7. [88 downloads] The Costs of Complex Land Titles: Two Examples from China
    Robert C. Ellickson (Yale)

8. [82 downloads] The Doctrine of Discovery and the Elusive Definition of Indian Title
    Blake A. Watson (Dayton)

9. [68 downloads] The Effective Use of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in Land-Use Decision Making
    Patricia Salkin (Albany) & Pamela Ko

10. [66 downloads] What has Love Got to Do with It?: Sentimental Attachments and Legal Decision-Making
    David L. Markell (Florida State), Tom Tyler (NYU), & Sarah F. Brosnan (Georgia State)

Steve Clowney

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