Monday, August 1, 2011

Top SSRN Downloads

Ssrn In honor of the first of the month, here are the most downloaded property articles over the last 60 days:


1. [440 downloads] Federal Constitutions: The Keystone of Nested Commons Governance by
Blake Hudson (Stetson)

2. [248 downloads] The Hamlyn Lectures 2011: The Rule of Law and the Measure of Property by
Jeremy Waldron (NYU)

3. [148 downloads] Stop the Beach Renourishment and the Problem of Judicial Takings by
Ilya Somin (George Mason)

4. [125 downloads] REITS and Underlying Real Estate Markets: Is There a Link? by
Andrey D. Pavlov (Simon Fraser) & Susan M. Wachter (Wharton)

5. [101 downloads] Commercializing Property Rights in Inventions: Lessons for Modern Patent Theory from Classic Patent Doctrine by Adam Mossoff (George Mason)

6. [86 downloads] From Bricks and Mortar to Mega-Bytes and Mega-Pixels: The Changing Landscape of the Impact of Technology and Innovation on Urban Development by Patricia Salkin (Albany)

7. [85 downloads] Facility Siting and Permitting by Patricia Salkin (Albany)

8. [77 downloads] Pluralism and Perfectionism in Private Law by Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv)

9. [73 downloads] The Columbia River Gorge and the Development of American Natural Resources Law: A Century of Significance by Michael C. Blumm (Lewis & Clark)

10. [64 downloads] Property and Precaution by Lee Anne Fennell (Chicago)

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